About Us

CEM International's role is to assist companies to realise their business development objectives by providing effective, impartial and professional services.

We are engaged in conformity assessment of customers' products and equipment. This assessment ensures that the product's design and manufacture conform to the relevant international and European standards and any national standards. Our conformity assessment also takes account of appropriate EU directives, laws and regulations. We can also carry out an inspection of goods prior to dispatch, if required. These services enable manufacturers and importers to CE Mark their products, providing access to the whole of the European market.

CEM International has the expertise, experience and resources to review your technical files and arrange product testing, when and where required. Our staff understand your needs and are able to provide support at the local level or around the world.

You can rely on CEM International to ensure that your products meet the legislative requirements of the European market, allowing you to take forward your business development plans.

We are your partner with global expertise.

UKAS Accreditation for Construction Products

CEM has successfully gained accreditation from UKAS for the Construction Product Regulations this further expands the already impressive scope of product categories. The Construction Product Regulations EU/305/2011 covers the requirements of; organisations, staff, and their technical equipment. For an organisation to be able to produce welded products for supply to the construction industry they must undergo

New CE Marking Directives Released

Nine new Directives have been released Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU This new directive replaces the R&TTE directive EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) Previously 2004/108/EC Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) Previously 2006/95/EC ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU) Previously 94/9/EC Civil Explosives (CIVEX) Directive (2014/28/EU) Previously 93/15/EC Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (2014/29/EU) Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (2014/31/EU) Previously 2009/105/EC Measuring Instruments Directive