CEM is a notified body and as such we provide conformity assessment of products and equipment, including design and manufacture, in accordance with international, European and national standards, directives, laws and regulations. Our current sphere of operation includes those products which must conform to the requirements of the following directives:

Certification Process:

Step 1: Provide the application to CEM International Ltd. If you want to us to help you with conformity assessment and CE marking your product, you may contact our friendly staff for an application form.

Step 2: Receipt of application, Once an application is received, the Company shall check availability of resources for the certification activities, confirm the applicable directive(s) and standard(s), and any additional testing activities (if required).

Step 3: Signing of Contract Once the availability and the quotation of certification and testing activities is confirmed, the contract will be signed. The Company shall get the confirmation from the applicant on the testing arrangement and the members of the conformity assessment team, including the engineer(s) and the technical expert(s).

Step 4: Implementation of Certification Project The applicant shall have the test (if necessary) conducted by the qualified laboratory, and prepare the technical files as required by the relevant directives and standards. Once the test and the preparation of T(C)F is completed, the applicant shall provide the file to the Company for review.

Step 5: Implementation of Corrective Actions If there is any deficiency identified during the test and / or T(C)F review, the applicant shall carry out corrective actions as agreed.

Step 6: Certification Recommendation and Issuing of Certificate, If the test and T(C)F of the product is accepted with implementation of correction actions (if any), a recommendation for certification shall be made, and the certificate of conformity and /or an inspection report will be issued to the applicant by the Company.

Step 7: Maintain Technical Documentation Required by the Directive(s), Applicant’s technical documentation should support the compliance of product with the requirements of the Directive. It is essential to retain this documentation.

Step 8: Prepare the Declaration of Conformity and the Required Supporting Evidence. The Declaration of Conformity along with the Technical Documentation should be available to Competent Authorities (EU Members) upon request.

Step 9: Check that no Other National Requirements Exist in the Countries Where the Product will be sold. These may include national standards, labelling or packaging requirements.

Step 10: Affix CE marking on your product and/or its packaging and accompanying literature as stated in the directive.

Important Information

The EMC Directive 2014/30/EU is now in force the old directive 2004/108/EC was repealed on the 20th of April 2016 since which time manufacturers can no longer continue to place products on the market unless they comply with the new Directive.

The Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU came into force on the 13th of June 2016, with a transition period of one year until the 13th of June 2017. After the 13th of June 2017 no radio equipment may be placed on the market unless it complies with the Radio Equipment Directive.