Designated Standards

Designated standard are those designated by the UK government that can confer a presumption of conformity with relevant UK regulations, including the ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards used for the purposes of accreditation.

Technical Services

CEM can provide a range of services to assist organisations with the technical aspects of products and production

Interpretation of Regulations and Standards

From determining which standards apply to a particular product, through determining which standards to apply to facilitate the easiest path to product approval. CEM have the expertise to ensure that products comply with all required standards required to gain UKCA Marking with the least expenditure.

Product Compliance Gap analysis

CEM as experts in the arena of product approval are best placed to be able to analyse a product and determine in what areas it may need to be improved in order to meet the standards imposed for any world market.

Risk analysis in accordance with Regulations

Expert in the complex area of UK regulations, CEM are ideally placed to advise which regulations to apply to a particular product and which standards will therefore apply as a result. Considering all the information in conjunction with the product CEM can advise on any areas where the product might not comply.

EMC Evaluation / Assessment

Our highly qualified staff can carry out a pre-assessment of any product to which the EMC regulation applies. The evaluation will determine if the product is likely to pass EMC testing. They can also offer advice to help overcome any problems identified.

Factory Production Control Assessment

CEM are able to conduct factory production control assessments to determine that the measures in place are sufficient to ensure that all production complies with the designated standards applicable.

Technical File storage

For any overseas manufacturers, CEM can store any products technical file. The technical file must be available to the product distributors and enforcement bodies such as trading standards. The technical file must be retained by a UK organisation.


Testing and the results gained from it are a crucial part of proving that any product complies with the  applicable regulations. CEM can help by arranging testing with accredited laboratories or by providing experts who can oversee in-house testing.


CEM offer training tailored to the needs of the individual organisation. Please see our training page for full details

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