EU Referendum Impact on CEM as a Notified Body

The UK government may be in tatters, our prime minister has resigned, Mr Corbyn has lost 20 of his 31 strong shadow cabinet and to rub salt in there have been calls for his resignation,  Despite the upheaval within UK government it is very much business as usual at CEM.

The UK is to remain part of the EU for two years following our application to leave and in the meantime all EU regulations pertaining to product approvals must remain in place.

UKAS has stated:

“Following the recent referendum on EU membership, the situation currently remains the same and there is no change to UKAS’ status, nor the status of certificates issued by UKAS accredited organisations….our current expectation is that very little will change from an accreditation point of view.”

The EU directives which are the basis of product approval have been incorporated into UK law. The underlying standards are considered proof that products meet the requirements of the directives. The UK continues to participate in the development of standards.

BSI statement:

“As the UK’s National Standards Body, BSI will continue to develop and publish British Standards. Our membership of the two international standardization organizations, ISO and IEC, will not be affected where we will continue to play an influential leadership role.

There are three European Standardization Organizations – CEN, CENELEC and ETSI. Our full membership of CEN and CENELEC will continue while the UK Government sets out the arrangements for its withdrawal from the EU. During this transition period, BSI will be working with the UK Government (such as Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) and other parties as appropriate such as European political institutions and European Standardization Organizations regarding its role in the development of the European standardization system. We expect BSI’s membership of ETSI will be unaffected”

Therefore during the next two years it is likely that nothing will change within Europe whilst the UK will be forced to remain part of the EU. It is our opinion that the UK will not try to create standards which differ from those adopted by the EU member states unless there becomes an issue which adversely affects the UK. Many countries adopt EU standards  without being a part of the EU it is for these reasons we believe that for the foreseeable future there is unlikely to be any change.

CEM as a notified body are legally obliged to inform our customers of any changes to standards so you do not need to be proactive, we will inform you in good time of any pending changes.

We are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves, at this time we do not foresee any dramatic changes in UK product regulations.