Technical construction File

The technical construction file contents should contain sufficient information on components making up the product, product design calculations, product testing, user instructions, and labelling and other relevant information to prove that the product can be safely used. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to complete the technical construction file. UKCA marking should not take place until the TCF is completed.

Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 Annex I includes a list of items which should be considered and if applicable evidence to prove compliance should be included in the TCF this can be used to create a technical construction file template. Other regulations such as the Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 are less specific in terms of what needs to be included in the technical documentation

The Technical Construction File must be retained by the manufacturer for 10 years following the sale of the last product covered by said TCF.

The TCF may be requested by trading standards or other such bodies, the file should be provided to such authorities within 7 days. The technical file format can be a hard copy, or electronic. Keeping an electronic version not only makes keeping it up to date much easier but also makes provision of a technical file sample to the authorities a much easier process. Electronic versions of a TCF should be provided to the authorities upon request within 24 hours.

The creation of a technical file is possibly a daunting task CEM International can undertake the task of creating TCF file examples based on information provided by the manufacturer

CEM International Ltd. are able upon request to supply a technical file checklist (or TCF) file template sample to existing customers.

We suggest our customers use our supplied checklist as the basis for the index of their TCF

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