Machinery Directive EU Type approval of SRS Road Rail lorry ICON10

CEM have been engaged by SRS to type approve their latest addition to their already extensive line-up of road rail vehicles. The ICON10 further enhances the range with it’s enlarged boom and extended reach.


CEM International sent a team to the manufacturing plant for a week to inspect the ICON10 to the Machinery Directive.

SRS provided three samples so whilst one was being inspected another ICON10 was tested to the noise requirements of EN 15746.


As part on the type approval examination the vibration the operator would be exposed to whilst working on the platform was measured.


Vibration testing was conducted in accordance with ISO 2631-1.


The results of the vibration testing were then analysed before being incorporated into the report CEM issued to SRS.

CEM were also entrusted by SRS to carry out pre-shipping inspections on all the product awaiting release from the production facility. This inspection was carried out in accordance with EN 280 pre-shipping inspection requirements.


CEM are looking forward to working with SRS again on the “Titan” project.

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