Training and Events

CEM are able to offer training to help any organisation better understand the CE marking process.

Rather than provide a “one size fits all” course we are able to offer a solution tailored to suit the needs of a particular organisation. We have all attended courses where much of the course material was either irrelevant or already known within your organisation. CEM aim to avoid this by carefully listening to your individual training requirements and then developing a course specifically for you.

CEM will take the time to find out what your training requirements are and will develop a course that will be relevant, informative and have a lasting positive impact on the performance of the attendees.

The trainer will be an industry expert with many years experience in the particular field that is relevant to you.

Don’t settle for a pre-defined course when you can have exactly what you need, delivered by someone who really knows what they are talking about, and can answer your questions as they crop up rather than referring to somebody else for the answers.

CEM provide the training you actually want, when your want it, and where you want it.

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