As you will know the UK has left the EU and the transition period is now over.

This means that CEM International are no longer a notified body. As a result our issued certification may need to be re-issued as we can no longer use the terms “CE” , or “notified body” on our certificates.

If you sell your protects outside of the UK please inform us immediately as your certification may need to be transferred to our Irish operation. Please be aware that your current mandatory certification no longer permits you to CE mark your product.

This might seem a little confusing but there are basically two issues to consider;

  1. With immediate effect all manufactured product covered by a CEM issued EU Type Examination certificate can no longer be CE marked, please use the UKCA, or UKNI mark instead.
  2. You should contact us immediately if you sell product outside the UK.

If this all seems a little confusing please call us, we will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.

Due to lockdown, other safety concerns, and limited production of CE marked product we were unable to carry out any on site assessments during 2020 and may not be able to do any in 2021 we will therefore be carrying out remote assessments where necessary for those due an assessment this year and also those we did not do last year. The remote assessment will entail one of our auditors spending a day online with you via MS Teams, Skype, or other mutually agreed video conference. We will shortly be advising those affected of proposed dates.

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