Construction Products Regulations EN 1090-2:2018

EN 1090-2 specifies the requirements for execution of structural steelwork as structures or as manufactured components, produced from:

  • hot rolled, structural steel products up to and including grade S700;
  • cold formed components and sheeting up to and including grades S700 (unless coming within the scope of BS EN 1090-4);
  • hot finished and cold formed austenitic, austenitic-ferritic and ferritic stainless steel products;
  • hot finished and cold formed structural hollow sections, including standard range and custom-made rolled products and hollow sections manufactured by welding.

The standard may also be used for structural steel grades up to and including S960.

The main changes between the 2018 version and its predecessor are:

  1. Technical requirements for cold-formed structural steel elements, members and sheeting and cold-formed steel structures for roof, ceiling, floor, wall, and cladding applications have been removed from this Part of the BS EN 1090 series, as they are given in EN 1090-4.
  2. Informative Annex B giving guidance for the determination of execution class has been removed as normative requirements for the selection of execution class are now included in of BS EN 1993-1-1:2005/A1:2014, Annex C.
  3. A new informative Annex D has been included giving guidance on a procedure for checking the capability of thermal cutting processes.
  4. A new informative Annex I has been included giving guidance on determination of the loss of preload from thick coatings on contact surfaces in preloaded connections.
  5. Normative Annex J “Use of compressible washer-type direct tension indicators” has been removed.
  6. A new informative Annex L has been included giving guidance on the selection of weld inspection class.

Unlike EN 1090-1 which became a harmonised standard on the 1st of September 2012 and can therefore be the basis for presumption of conformity. At the time of writing EN1090-2 is not a harmonised standard and therefore should be used for guidance.

CEM International are a Notified Body for the Construction Products Regulations and can provide assistance with certification to EN 1090.

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