Hoverboards problems and solutions

Just before Christmas the problems with hoverboards hit the headlines. CEM International as a notified body for the Toy Directive, Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), and Machinery Directive were perfectly placed to be able to determine the cause of the problems.

Centre Testing International, our test lab had it been used would have found the boards seriously lacking and in breach of the essential safety requirements of the LVD. The problems could have been ironed out as early as the design phase.

What a pity the manufacturers did not even make use of CEM International before placing their product on the market as the problems would again have been flagged (and certification refused)to them before the product got to market.

Had we been involved either with testing then there would have been no house fire in America or Australia, no exploding boards in the USA, and no other issues. The result could have lead to the hoverboard being the hottest item last Christmas for all the right reasons.

As it is the fiasco left a nasty taste in many peoples mouths, CEM were informed by one individual who had bought a large quantity of hoverboards from China and due to contract was unable to return them even though they did not meet regulations, and reworking the product in the UK would have proved cost prohibitive we believe they were probably destroyed.

This sorry tale should remind everyone of the old adage “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) as the purchaser of product for sale anywhere in the world you need to be very sure that the goods meet all of the standards in their intended market.

A cautionary tale and one where use of our test lab or notified body would have saved money, time, inconvenience, expensive law suits, insurance claims, increased insurance premiums, and the hoverboard could we have been the success it should have been.

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